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1. Pathophysiology and neuroimaging of Ischemic Stroke

2.How Does the Medical Care and population orientation of Stroke Patients Work Today?

3. Mechanical thrombectomy; the present and future hero.

4. stroke system of care & organization models 

5. stroke risk factors and preventive plans 

6- revascalurization in Acute Ischemic stroke

7- heart -vessel -brain link

8- neurosonology in neurovascular and non neurovascular neurodisorders

9- spinal cord and tumor embolization

10- neurointensive care of neurovascular disorders 

11- pediatric neurovascular disorders

12. Brain AVMs and Dural fistula between surgery and endovascular treatment

13. Brain aneurysms and subarachnoid hemorrhage

14. Aneurysms; a new look as a flow related rather than anatomical problem, what is new in cfd studies?

15. Aneurysms between coiling, clipping and bypass surgery

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Organizing Committe

Scientific Committe

  • Ossama Yassin Mansour (Egypt)
  • Tamer Hassen (Egypt)
  • Farouk Hassen (Egypt)
  • Maher Saqqur  (Qatar)
  • Adel Alhazzani (KSA) 
  • Mohamed Alaa (Egypt)
  • Khaled Sobh (Egypt)
  • Hossam ElJehani (KSA)
  • Syed Irteza Hussain (UAE)
  • Amal Elhashmi (Oman)
  • Seby Johon (UAE)
  • Mohamed Ghorbani (Iran)
  • Mehdi Farhoudi (Iran)
  • Mohamed Wassey (pakistan )
  • Fritz Usman (Indonesia)
  • Ahmed Sobry Muda (Malaysia)
  • Anchalee Churojana (Thailand )
  • Ozcan Özdemir (Turkey)
  • Sam Zaidat (USA)
  • Marc Ribo (Spain)
  • Mohamed elmakhlafi (Saudi Arabia )